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Harness Vini-Tape

JIS C 2336 Approval Nr 3879

Please note the colours displayed on your monitor may differ to some extent from the actual products' colours.

Adhesive tapes which we can provide

Vini-Tape Electric insulation
Vini-Tape for wiring harnesses - Harness Wiring harnesses in cars and electric appliances
Anticorrosive Vini-Tape   Prevents corrosion of metal pipes, wires etc.
Toyo Protection Tape   Protection and taping of aluminium profiles
Can-Sealing Vini-Tape   Sealing of can-type food containers
Insulation Cover Tape   Protection of insulation materials on pipes, wires, etc.
Buried Display Tape   Marking and writing on pipes and underground installations

Tips on the use of tapes

1. Make sure any dirt, dust, water and other similar impurities are removed from the surface on which the tape will be applied.

2. Make sure in situations where electric protection is necessary, only electric insulation tape is used.

3. Adhesive tape contains some traces of a solvent. If large quantities of the product are used in a confined space, or if the product is to be stored there, it is necessary to insure proper ventilation of the room.

4. Vini-Tape was designed for industrial applications and cannot be applied on skin or on any part of the body. Prolonged direct skin contact may cause skin irritation or rush.

5. The main component of the tape is polyvinyl chloride. For this reason the tape should not be mixed with regular waste, but should be kept together with non-flammable waste.

6. Adhesive tapes should normally be stored in ambient temperature of up to 40°C, and should not be directly exposed to sunshine.

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